First Presbyterian Church of Urbana, a Member Church of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. and More Light Presbyterians

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Bible Study – 8:15 a.m.
Worship – 9:30 a.m.
Childcare is available for infants through preschool age, downstairs in Rooms 4 and 5 for morning and evening services
Sunday School for All Ages – after worship
Seminar: Organ Donation
From the Pastor/Head of Staff
“Jonah and the Gourd Vine,” by Jack Baumgartner
Jack Baumgartner, an artist from Kansas, might have created the best artistic interpretation of Jonah. The book about the prophet which we have in the Bible is a parable, and so a surrealist rendering is perfect. The circumstance for which the parable was written was surreal. Here they were, God’s chosen people, who had been liberated from servitude in Egypt, who had been guided and sustained in the wilderness, who had been settled in a promised land, who had been sustained once again while in Exile and returned to the promised, all because God loved them, here they were harboring hate for foreigners. Where was the forgiveness? Having experienced the grace and mercy and love of God, how could there be such hate? Had God’s love not changed them? Thus, the surrealism. The dream, the vision, which God had in mind for God’s chosen people, that they were to be a light to the nations, was completely contradicted by reality. The chosen people hated. They feared those who were different. They believed that God and God’s love was only for them. Join us on Sunday as we contemplate the parable of Jonah.
Blessings, David