Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Shred of Faith about?

We are a small group of lay people who just care about faith and want to help anyone explore their own feelings about faith in a low key setting. We aren’t trying to steer you to a particular church. Our faith background is reformed Christians. We feel that it is important for people who have some feeling of a higher power to have a place where they can explore those feelings or yearnings in a safe environment.

When and where does it meet?

First Presbyterian Church of Urbana, 602 W. Green St., Urbana, at the turquoise table in front. Every Friday 5:00-5:30 PM.

Will I have to go to a church service?


Can I be anonymous?

If you wish.

My life is chaotic. How can faith in a higher power help?

Let’s talk.

I have seen organized religions do things that offend my moral compass.

True? Let’s talk.

So many religions claim the moral high ground. I have trouble sorting that all out.

Agreed. Let’s talk.

I don’t need other people or a church. I just want to figure things out for myself. That makes sense, but there may be other aspects to consider.

Let’s talk.

How can a higher power that cares about us allow the horrible things to happen that I see all around?

Good question. Maybe we can’t completely answer that Big Question, but we may be able to work on it from the edges. Let’s talk.

Is there a God that we can understand?

We are pretty sure there is. Let’s talk.